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Are we headed towards Image driven Automation – using Sikuli ?

In Automation on March 6, 2014 at 5:11 pm

What do you do when your application has tons of UI issues?
Apart form the other issues, regressing on the UI issues can definitely be a pain, especially the clerical stuff that involves comparing 2 images (one from your app to the one in your UI design document). So why not use a tool that can be used exclusively on interfaces? The answer is a tool called Sikuli (www.sikuli.org). Although I have just started using it, I found this tool interesting because it can capture images of GUI elements of an application on your desktop, and gives you the option of locating other elements down to the exact pixel count as might be specified in your UI document.
Additionally you could also use it to test web applications by just using the link in a slide.  For beginners in automation this could be fun, if you want to customize your tests you may have to learn Python.  We have had Data driven automation, we have had Keyword Driven automation and we are probably on our way towards Image driven automation with Sikuli and moreover its free of cost.  There are lots of cool stuff you can do with Sikuli and it’s headed in the right direction.

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