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Does the future of testing move to iPads and mobiles?

In Software Testing, Testing Jobs on August 31, 2011 at 5:35 pm

The PC age is over, or is it?

Most of you who have been looking  into newspapers, periodicals etc. are already aware of the waves that tablets are making.  At the same time you have sophisticated phones coming up every now and then.  The future will require testers who can test applications on the mobile phones and tablets.  Meanwhile, what would happen to the grand old PCs and laptops.  The answer is all of them are here to stay and co exist.  I for one would any day prefer a PC to write and read content, because that’s what it is meant for, serving different purposes.  For a quickie message, chat, viewing movie clips and games you will probably prefer a tablet or mobile phone.  Tablets have other uses too they are also being considered to work as menus in restaurants.  Can you use a PC here?  Well definitely, but it would consume space and look out of the place in the days to come.  So what is all of this in it for a tester?   Testing needs to be done more in terms of accessibility and GUI, as these would have a heavy bearing on the kind of users who would opt for visually pleasing and easier navigation.  Yes speech to text conversion and vice versa also could become an important feature in these devices as writing on tablets or mobiles can be a big pain.  This clearly shows testing could move from the more rudimentary forms of testing to sophisticated levels in which testing would be done on speech to text conversion, and vice versa.  Testing could also move to 3g and 4g networks too!


Where are positions for a Test Manager?

In Software Testing, Testing Jobs on August 31, 2011 at 5:09 pm

In an earlier post I had mentioned that off-shoring testing may not remain a low cost option after all.  If you look at the positions being offered for testers with very good people skills and more than 7 years experience, you may find very few test managers.  Although these experienced testers earn slightly higher than their juniors, they have to contend doing  the same kind of work.  They also get fancy titles but no challenging work.  Then how would a tester grow from this point?  One way suggested  is to move up the corporate ladder.  The question is how? and in what direction?  There are some possibilities.  Unfortunately, only “some”.  As they say it gets ” lonely at the top”.  Why is it lonely?  Some organizations have cut down on the need for a Test manager by letting the project manager take care of Test Management also, this reduces the need for a Test manager, and hence cost savings.

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