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Is Attrition rate related to certain facilities being knocked off?

In Software Testing on June 24, 2011 at 3:54 pm

In a recent incident, I came across a situation where the office of a company A (name withheld), stopped providing facilities to a city (lets call it some_city), but continued providing the same facility to other parts in the country. In fact it was a very basic facility to track the candidate’s status on the web. This led to lot of people in some_city using the telephones which were ever busy. This led me to wonder why would a company A do this? Company A cannot afford to upgrade its website for residents of some_city because of too many people moving in and out of different addresses in the same city, these are the same people who have been switching jobs too. A fact that is not done on such a huge scale in other cities including metros. The answer was simple no upgrade, no performance testing, no skulduggery, and most of all no expenditure. Anyone who needs help can call or visit in person. Yes, the load is being re directed towards phones and personal visits but the very thought of calling and waiting or visiting the office is making a majority of them willing to postpone availing the facility.

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